Ittehad welfare society was formed in 2 August 2005 by Mr Rashid Iqbal in Gulshan Ravi Lahore.The initial mission of this society was to help people ,after time passes this society took part in 2005 earthquake ,and sent 22 trucks of food ,tent,beds,medicine.

As well as society sent 10 volunteer workers there in bala kot to rescue people.


This society has not got a single penny yet from any one else of members of ittehad welfare society,there are 576 members of  the society ,and we have started to arrange blood for patients .


Now the president of the society Mr Rashid Iqbal has started to get online complaints from all over the Pakistan ,the society will try its best to give help at needy people,s door.


  • The society aims to help people those have not got money to educate their child.
  • The society aims to help people those have not got any business or income source.
  • The society aims to help people who do not have money for treatment of their patient.
  • The society aims to help each and every person who genuinely deserves help .


The person who needs help has to follow just following simple steps:


1-        open website

2-        Go to ask for help button

3-        Fill the simple form and submit


When we will receive your problem ,we will examine it ,and society will try their best to make help within days .